Rolling with the Punches

One of the most beneficial legislative actions of the lame duck Congress was the extension of the Bush Era tax cuts. However, unless you take fairly quick action, the continued savings that you are supposed to see will not be going to your savings account.

The same folks in the Middle East who built the 11 million dollar Christmas tree in the United Arab Emirates will pocket your money one tank at a time at the fuel pumps. All they have to do is increase the price of a barrel of oil. Expect oil prices at $150-200 a barrel after the New Year as the Arab oil barons’ real gift to the world.

Already, gasoline prices have gone over three dollars a gallon. What will you do when you are forking over five to six dollars for a gallon of gas in 2011? Most Americans will simply pay the price to our Middle Eastern enemies. Meanwhile, there will be less to spend for locally produced products and services thus deepening the recession to the full blown depression that astute economic observers realize is already in place.

So, the extra couple hundred dollars a month that you were supposed to have will be funneled into the foreign bank accounts of the same people who subsidize the Islamic extremists that threaten our existence.

If you could double your fuel economy, you could at least break even while Congress and President Obama debate whether or not to tap our own reserves and encourage more efficient energy technologies to emerge.

Most of us are averaging about twenty five miles per gallon fuel consumption. Is there a way to take the additional couple hundred dollars a month that you will be paying and invest it in an American made alternative that will double your mileage?

Probably, the most healthy and cost effective transportation vehicle is a bike. Though most of us could use the exercise, the reality is that, even at six bucks a gallon, the majority of us are not taking that route. An electric bike is a less strenuous solution but, like a conventional bike, it is also not up to the highway speeds we are accustomed to.

In the right circumstances, the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid does offer some serious fuel savings over time, especially, if the journeys are short and confined to the battery pack. It is best suited for the urban commuter rather than the rural long distance traveler. Toyota Priuses and VW diesels venture into the 50 mpg range but the prices are as high as the Volt.

Where can you find an American made vehicle that gets over fifty miles per gallon for a two hundred dollar a month payment?

You have now discovered the best reason (excuse?) to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The combination of fuel savings, American patriotism, and long term investment should help you convince your wife that 2011 is the year for you to finally get that big bike you have always dreamed of.

Southern Marylanders are fortunate to have a centrally located Harley dealer, All American Harley Davidson, conveniently located in Hughesville to help you mount your own steed in the continuing battle with Islamic radicalism and high fuel prices.

Your two hundred dollars a month can go into Middle Eastern assets or it can be used to pay off your American cruising machine that is saving you two hundred dollars a month.

Should you already have a Harley that you are ready to take to trike status, Serges Performance Cycles in Lexington Park has the affordable solution. Serge can convert your Harley, Honda Gold Wing, or other standard motorcycle to a three wheeler with a conversion kit that he installs for you.

The price is within the same budget. As we age and add that extra wheel, us older guys can also thumb a finger (guess which one) at the oil barons and oil companies who intend to crush us individually and as a Nation.

Serge also, sells high performance bicycles for those elite few who want to maximize fuel conservation and keep their money from going up in smoke.

While both sides of Congress and President Obama allow fuel prices to escalate beyond reason and affordability, there are local businesses who are providing American solutions that save you dollars while making real sense.

Let’s roll!

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