A new life for an old rod

Jim Wood of Breezy Point Custom Rods

Likely, you have favorite rod that you’ve had for a lifetime or maybe a rod that your Dad owned and you still use. Years of salt spray, sun baking, and general wear probably show the age of your favorite fishing tool. An eye or two might be missing, but this is still the go to rod for most of your fishing expeditions.

Imagine, the same rod with a fresh handle, new guides, anodized reel seat, shiny wraps and a high gloss finish. This work of art is ready for another generation of fishing tales that can be created by your very own magic wand rigged with a matching reel.

Bluntly speaking, most of us do not have the time, patience, equipment, or finesse to expertly refurbish a classic fishing stick or custom build a new rod. Fortunately, there are artisans among us willing to take on this labor of love without charging an arm and a leg.

With the cold weather locked in, it is time to plan for next year’s fishing adventures. This is a good time to get that favorite rod refurbished or plan to have a custom rod built for your unique requirements.

I spent a very informative afternoon in Jim Wood’s toasty warm custom rod workshop at Breezy Point in Ridge. Do you know how the spine is positioned in a rod? How do you determine how many eyes are needed on a rod? How many coats of epoxy are required to smooth out the fresh wraps on a rod?

Jim will share all that knowledge with you as well as making sure your favorite worn out fishing stick gets a new life, brighter and more efficient than ever before.

In Southern Maryland, we are fortunate to have many craftsmen who fill specialized niches in our community. At the CHESAPEAKE, we are always looking for those exceptional people and businesses who rise above the Wal-Mart philosophy to produce heirloom goods and quality services.

Outfitting a rod crafted and signed by Jim Wood while sitting beside a warm wood stove in January or February will make the winter pass a little faster and the fishing to come even more fun.


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