The Country Philosopher: Harken ye heathens! The end is nigh!

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My prediction is based on knowledge gleamed from years of poring over the ancient writings, all of the latest scientific data and my own empirical reasoning.

     Will it be of fire or ice?

     I haven’t got that far in my studies.

     We first know that this earthly kingdom was designed to reign for hundreds of years but not thousands.

     We have completed the 1900’s, and now we advance on the next, which by my count is the end of the hundreds.  How often do you hear someone say, “twenty hundred”?

     So we know we are now in the plural thousands, subject at any time to become just a big ice encrusted snowball or alternately a cataclysmic sudden puff of very bright light in the galaxy.
see more of this tale from Stephen G. Uhler Coming up in the November edition of THE CHESAPEAKE

Don’t get too carried away by this Uhler grandson with a table full of hogs heads.  Its hog killing time in Hollywood, at least soon it will be and Stephen Uhler will get around to telling all who care to listen (read) about what goes into getting the most out of your hogs.  Coming up in the December issue of THE CHESAPEAKE!

The pot heats the water for scalding the hair off the hog's hide while the headless hog drains. Photos courtesy of Stephen G. Uhler

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