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Harford Sheriff Jeff Gahler takes office; announces top staff appointments

Sheriff Gahler spoke of the changes and reduction of the number of Majors and Bureaus being a response to an initial assessment of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. He has directed that the number of Bureaus be reduced from five to four and that there be a reduction in the number of majors from five to three. This top to bottom review of the organizational structure of the Office of the Sheriff will better address emerging crime patterns and trends, reduce crime, and improve quality of life through citizen partnerships. Sheriff Gahler will continue his assessment of the Office and efforts will be directed at reducing violent crimes and increasing the safety and security of our friends and neighbors. Sheriff Gahler assured the crowd saying, “The Sheriff’s Office is a productive and professional law enforcement organization that is dedicated to the community’s needs. Our goal moving forward will be to build on crime reduction, crime prevention, community partnerships and professional standards. You do not deserve, and I will not accept, the status quo.”