Monthly Archives: October 2017

Calvert Sheriff Police Beat / Two Tubbies Too Cheap to Pay

Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans is looking for a woman – make that two women.  The two Tubbies the Sheriff is looking for are food rustlers that deputies would like to corral and pen up in their jail.

Kayaker found dead floating in Broadkill river not far from craft and cooler

a couple boating in the Broadkill River, in the area north of Oyster Rocks Road, discovered an empty kayak, a cooler, and then a body floating in the water. 

Fairfax Police Beat / District Fugitive Drug Dealer Captured;  Pit Bull Dispatched to Evil-Dog Afterlife

Shelton Lee Coates, 26, of Alexandria, was arrested for a number of drug and weapon-related charges, including possession with intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Delaware State Police Beat / Tipsy Irving Cannon took his last walk on the dark side into path of car on Coastal Highway

Police say that the pedestrian did just about everything possible to bring an early departure from this earth. The man, 54-year-old Irving T. Cannon III, of Rehoboth Beach, was wearing all dark clothing none of which was reflective and was not carrying a light or crossing in a crosswalk.  Alcohol is being considered as a factor on his behalf.

Baltimore County Police Beat / Bank Robbers Crashed and Crunched Their Way to Slammer

Baltimore County Police Beat / Bank Robbers Crashed and Crunched Their Way to Slammer Baltimore County and Baltimore City Police Officers worked together to apprehend two bank robbers following a…

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