Daily Archives: September 20, 2016

Breaking up is hard to do; police officer charged with attempted murder when he ventilated ex-girlfriend with gunfire

He broke into the home through a front window, located her, and shot her multiple times. Another person in the home fought with Patterson, and was able to get the gun away from him.

MURDER USA – Two charged with beating their pal to death in PG County

Sanchez-Vasquez is charged with first and second-degree murder. Gonzalez-Sanchez is being charged as an adult with first and second-degree murder.

Feds are busy reuniting the Cherry Hill gang in the slammer: score card – STINKY, BUTT-BUTT, BLACK FACE & BEANHEAD! 13 murders and 21 cases of being lousy shots resulting only in wounding victims

After these dirtbags are convicted, then the world can call them worthless pieces of garbage, now they are simply alleged cockroach killers.