Monthly Archives: March 2016

So. Maryland Police Beat / State trooper found comatose motorist had Spice and wasn’t too nice

SUNDERLAND, MD. – Don’t take your drugs to town, leave your drugs at home!
Maryland State Police report that on 3/21/16 at 6:27 pm, Trooper First Class Barlow responded to the 7-Eleven in Sunderland to check the welfare of a person slumped over in a vehicle. Rory M. Lohman, 41 of Huntingtown, was located and appeared to be intoxicated.

Murder USA: Two down for count in PG; Rashaad Tate shot dead and set on fire

On Sept. 14, 2007, Tate was convicted on charges of distribution of drugs in Prince Georges County Circuit Court. Tate had been charged with numerous counts of handgun violations and possession of a large amount of drugs, 50 grams of crack cocaine.

Southern Md. Police Beat / Feds will show Drugstore Cowboys Butler & Shields what a slammed slammer door sounds like and keep these vermin off the street for years

Greenbelt, Maryland – What happens when local hoodlums grow up stealing, thieving and selling drugs? With any luck they get gunned down by one of their heathen outlaw compatriots or get caught and spend the rest of their worthless lives in prison. The Maryland Judiciary run by the White Rabbit and administered by looney liberal Judges won’t get a chance to dump these bozos back out on the community to once again hold up store clerks at gunpoint.

Murder USA: New Jersey detective found shot to death outside Sayreville theatre

Reached for comment, Sayreville Mayor Kennedy O’Brien said: “We lost a very good and fine young police officer today. And our hearts and our prayers are with him, his parents, his wife, and his children.”