Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

Dover Police Beat / Panhandler Bandit Robbed Exiting Wawa Customer of Cash at Knifepoint

As the stores have advanced technology of security cameras, an increased monitoring of those cameras by the Wawa security personnel and Dover Police would rid the premises of panhandlers, hookers, hobos, and potential armed robbers.

Southern Md. Police Beat / Ex-con on parole nabbed with gun charge; selling guns to undercover sleuth

The negotiations between the two were a specific sum of money for an AK 47 semi-automatic rifle (which is a regulated firearm) and two handguns. When a price was agreed upon, the undercover detective met suspect Biscoe, and the transaction was completed.

Murder USA: Double Dose of Death

GREENBELT, MD. — Another day and another murder – make that two murders – in PG (Pretty Gory) County.