Monthly Archives: January 2016

Norfolk Police Beat / Did she burn the bacon again?

Police said that before his capture that Moore should be considered armed and dangerous. Now he should be considered fresh meat when greeted by the welcoming committee of the Black Guerrilla Family when he shows up in prison.

TACO TAKEDOWN G-Men & Cops Sweep MS -13 Gangsters Indicted in RICO Probe

TACO TAKEDOWN G-Men & Cops Sweep MS -13 Gangsters Indicted in RICO Probe Defendants facing federal RICO conspiracy, drug trafficking, and weapons charges Their tools of the trade are machetes,…

Judge sends cocaine chef Mario ‘Unda’ Wair to slammer for 15 years

Trial evidence showed that two to three times per week Wair supplied cocaine to a co-defendant who cooked the cocaine into crack cocaine. The crack cocaine was then sold to other distributors and in user-quantity amounts to street level customers. Wair either was present when the cocaine was cooked into crack cocaine or would call to check in on the quality of the crack cocaine.

Baltimore City Police Beat / Narco Cops Crush Cocaine Depot on Greenspring Ave.

BALTIMORE CITY, MD. — The brass of the Baltimore City Police Department reports that it has yanked a big stash of drugs and drug distribution depot away from the control of a few of the city’s notorious drug dealers, without disclosing who exactly those dealers may be