Daily Archives: December 28, 2015

Murder USA: PG Cops charged Alex Jones – Life Ended in Stabbing Near School Jungle Jim in PG County

SEABROOK, MD. — Murder paid another visit to Pretty Gory County. Just a Christmas-break murder in broad daylight in PG County where killers don’t worry about lurking in the dark as the criminal class of this bustling drug-filled paradise of crime attempt to keep up with their killing cousins in Baltimore and DC.

PG Police Beat / “Life of the Party” Outlaw ATV driver killed in crash on public road

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD. – Driving an ATV on a public road without lights after dark and without a helmet or even a seatbelt is the fast-track to eternity as yet another Outlaw ATV operator found out when he was run over by a vehicle. The ATV operator was also transporting a passenger, his teen step-daughter, as he sped to his death on the vehicle that is not legal to take on a public road.

Fairfax Police Beat / Have you seen the Black Bandit?

SPRINGFIELD, VA. — Fairfax County Police are looking for the Black Bandit. This guy is as black as tar, dressed all in black from his head to his feet and the cops say that he ain’t too sweet as he is packing heat.

She Took Out a Violin in a Crowded Train Station, But It Was What No One Saw That Stood Out

A pretty girl with blue hair and a true gift for music serenaded a crowded train station with a violin rendition of “Hallelujah,” but no one seemed to notice.