Daily Archives: December 8, 2015

Fairfax Police Beat / Cops say this guy rolled out over $200 in groceries from Safeway

SPRINGFIELD, VA. — Fairfax County Police say they are looking for a shoplifter. It may be that the bridges over the Potomac River make the area more accessible for thieves who wish to do their shoplifting in Virginia.

Wicomico Sheriff Police Beat / Two too boozed, one bopped and one had to go to the hoosegow to bring quiet to the city

During the investigation into the reported incident, the deputy learned that Teaira White, 34, of Salisbury, Md., reportedly assaulted her brother when she grabbed him around the neck.

Editorial Cartoons: Obama is feeling something rising…

Editorial Cartoons: Obama is feeling something rising…

DWI Hit Parade: Not-jolly Holly tried tears and vomit and then used her fists and hooves in all-star performance of a DUI Momma with kid in her wrecked car

Not a good combination. Boozey, woozy, vomity and snarling and gnarling. A perfect recipe for the jail was a sealed deal when not-jolly Holly began to kick and hit the deputy and then got in a few whacks at another deputy who arrived to help with the alleged wild woman of Borneo.