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Southern Md. Police Beat / cops say Shields was the trigger man

Shields was charged with armed robbery, assault, use of a handgun in the commission of a felony crime and theft on a warrant on July 22, 2005, for an incident that court records say took place on Jan. 12, 2004. The case indicates that an indictment took place, but court records do not show a trial in Circuit Court, which may explain how Shields ended up being assigned to the Patuxent Institution.

Traitor nabbed in selling Navy secrets sent to prison for eleven years – what happened to executions?

Over the next month or so, Awwad and the undercover agent e-mailed numerous times and met again in a hotel. Awwad was also recorded servicing the dead drop location in the Hampton park, picking up $3,000 left by the agent at Awwad’s request so he could purchase a laptop and dropping off an external hard drive of additional schematic drawings and two photos to be used for producing a fraudulent passport.

National sweep rescues 149 children from prostitution

More than 500 law enforcement officials took part in sting operations in hotels, casinos, truck stops, and other areas frequented by pimps, prostitutes, and their customers. The youngest recovered victim was 12 years old.

Murder USA: Score another Murder for Montgomery Village; Roberto Cruz shot dead

Montgomery County Police said that on Nov. 3rd, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled the manner of his death a homicide and the cause of his death as a gunshot wound.

Murder USA: Murder USA Dover Police Nab Rondree Campbell for gunning down Sylvester Williams

Chief Paul Bernat stated: “We have provided extra patrols, we have positioned our officers and arranged their work schedules to combat criminal activity, and we continue to conduct community outreach activities in our high-crime areas. At some point, the citizens have to speak up and take a stand. That time is now. Help us, help you.”