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Murder USA: Baltimore City Shooting and Murder Score Book

Baltimore’s killers are well on their way to setting a record of 300 murders in 2015 as the tally has now reached 281. Since the criminal class has been set loose on the public by the spineless politicians of Baltimore – Mayor Bozo and the Prom Queen Prosecutor – the police have very wisely figured out that they are the targets of those who would shoot them in the back and the politicians who will stab them in the back. Maryland’s liberal politicians are out to disarm all citizens and seize all guns which only leave guns in the hands of criminals.

Murder USA: Jason Martin’s basement workout left wife dead while kids slept upstairs

LAUREL, MD. — There is a new horror house in Laurel, just in time for Halloween. Perhaps the lights will be off but that won’t change the what took place there just a few days before the night of ghosts and goblins. After putting the kids to bed, cops say the killer then bludgeoned mommy with a barbell until she was dead.

St. Mary’s Sheriff Police Beat / Cops: Butler confessed to being the get-away driver for gunman in stick-up of CVS

Butler’s criminal record is primarily made of low-level crimes and traffic offenses. This new deal of being a getaway driver in a robbery puts him on the path to prison and puts his family’s home in peril. His family posted their home on Kavanagh Road as a bond to spring him from the clink. If Butler flees, his folks lose their home.

Southern Md. Police Beat / Cops seek bandit who dashed in Dash in with his gun and dashed out with cash

On October 25, 2015, at approximately 2:50 am, a black male suspect entered the Dash In, located in Leonardtown, Maryland. The suspect displayed a handgun and demanded currency. After obtaining money from the employee, the suspect fled on foot.

Charles County Police Beat / Pizza driver robbed at gunpoint

WALDORF, MD. — Who robbed the pizza driver? Sheriff Troy Berry reports that on October 20 at 9:37 p.m., officers responded to the 6200 block of Seal Place in Waldorf for the report of an armed robbery.

Delaware State Police Beat / Catfight went for a road trip as fighting female dragged another down Rt. 40

Lee, who was partially inside of the vehicle as it drove off, refused to let go, and was dragged from the gas station parking lot onto eastbound Pulaski Highway (US40), and then onto northbound South College Avenue (DE Rt. 896).

Delaware State Police Beat / Horsey’s Great Heroin Chase

Police say that the trooper was able to give chase and caught the subject in a wooded area behind the residence, and after a brief struggle was able to take Horsey into custody. In the course of the struggle, a plastic bag containing 124 bags of heroin weighing 1.86 grams fell from Horsey’s pocket. Troopers also conducted a search of Horsey’s residence and located 2.3 grams of marijuana.