Daily Archives: August 26, 2015

Murder USA: Ticked off at Hubby; Wife Runs Him Over with SUV

LANHAM, MD. — It’s not wise to tick off the old lady, especially when she has a hair-trigger temper and drives a big SUV. The Prince George’s County Police Department’s Homicide Unit arrested a Lanham woman in connection with the murder of her husband. The suspect is 37-year-old Araceli Alvarez- Mendoza. The victim is 36-year-old Fernando Fragoso-Duana. Both lived in the 9400 block of Worrell Avenue.

Dirtbag Roundup: Credit Card Ring Boss Sentenced to Federal Prison

Baltimore, Maryland – The advent of a massive credit card fraud scheme based in Maryland began with a love affair, according to prosecutors. Instead of sending each other love notes, the pair gained access to an embossing machine and expressed their love for each other by creating counterfeit credit cards which they used to steal over $126,000.