Daily Archives: August 14, 2015

Southern Md. Police Beat: Tales from the Hotel St. Mary’s; No honor among heroin couriers

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. — There are two types of people in St. Mary’s County, Md. Those who live their lives on the straight and narrow and never do anything which might cause them to be installed in the Hotel St. Mary’s. Then there are another determined underclass of folks who desire nothing more than to live free with three hots and a cot in the slammer. With a thousand stories in the Naked City, this is another one.

Delaware State Police Beat: Pair Picked by Police for Parking Lot Purloining & Assault on Elderly Lady

NEWARK, DEL. – Who would be such low down dirty, no-good scoundrels as to mug an old woman in a store parking lot, steal her purse and then give her a good shove? Apparently the aforementioned alleged dirtbags are those shown here, according to the Delaware State Police

Murder USA: Cops pin Huntington Murder on Michael Norman Powell

Fairfax County Police report that on Thursday August 13, homicide detectives charged Michael Norman Powell, 19, of Alexandria, with Second Degree Murder in the killing of Khalid Aboumalik.