Daily Archives: August 12, 2015

Wicomico County Sheriff Police Beat: The Boarding House Blues – Aziz’s hot wheels no match for long arm of the law

There is a happy ending to this story as while Aziz is likely no longer welcome at his former residence, the gracious taxpayers of Wicomico County welcomed him with open arms at the shelter for dismounted criminals – known as the Slammer.

Wicomico Sheriff’s Police Beat: DUI, assaults and heroin is popular in Salisbury

In this incident it is alleged that Mancia lost control of his vehicle on Pemberton Drive causing it to flip over. Upon the arrival of the deputy to the overturned vehicle, Mancia had left the scene. Approximately two hours later Mancia turned up at PRMC at which point the deputy met with him and determined that Mancia appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.