Daily Archives: August 8, 2015

Murder USA: The next wild party will be a funeral for Joseph T. Abariko

LARGO, MD. — Many recent homicides have taken place as tough guys pull out guns to show off their bravado when verbal hostilities began and the lead begins to fly.

The Prince George’s County Police Department is investigating a homicide in Largo. The victim is 18-year-old Joseph Titus Abariko of Riverdale Road in Riverdale.

Black Slave Owners: cops bust up another slavery and prostitution ring in Maryland

Alleged slave owner imported hookers from Europe for Montgomery County prostitution business

GERMANTOWN, MD. — In the third recent incident of a role reversal of the historic issue of slavery in America, police agencies in Maryland have charged an African-American man for owning slaves and allegedly forcing them to work for him the sex industry. Other incidents in the past year have taken place with the arrest of two black men for imprisoning women in Princess Anne, Md., and transporting them to men for prostitution throughout Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.