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Murder USA: Middle of the Night Fiery Murder of Child Laid to Mom; Parents Were in Bitter Divorce Fight

Over the next few hours the investigators determined that the fire did not start outside of the passenger compartment, but instead started in the front-seat area. During the investigation, the investigators ruled out any mechanical malfunction, including the fuel lines and fuel tank. Fire Marshal Investigators detected a strong odor, similar to gasoline, in and around the white 1993 Toyota Corolla. Fire Marshall’s determined that the fire originated in the passenger compartment of the white Toyota and believe that the fire was intentionally started using an accelerant. Due to these suspicious circumstances, the Montgomery County Police Major Crimes Division began to lead the investigation.

Murder USA: PG cops make quick arrest of Rashawd Wiggins and Derron Alexander for killing Domanic Nelson in shootout

FORT WASHINGTON, MD. — Police say that three men who knew each other conducted a shoot-out in Fort Washington leaving one of them dead and another seeking treatment for bullet wounds. The wounded man and the other survivor were both charged with murder.

Murder USA: Hobo Song Su Kim was tired of being ‘disrespected’; after finishing his free meal at Church he divvied out death for desert

URBANA, MD. — All wasn’t pure joy in the church on the mountain, reports the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. A freeloading bum who was living at a church, eating for free and generally living the life of mooch turned on the folks who were feeding him and stabbed one to death and seriously injured the victim’s wife.

Worcester Sheriff Police Beat: Antonio Hayward admits being DWI-drugs when he drove into deputy’s cruiser

Hayward was Suspended and Revoked through the State of Maryland. Hayward admitted to using CDS, specifically LSD, before operating the motor vehicle. The vehicle Hayward was operating was searched and multiple blue packages of suspected Heroin were located. Hayward was placed under arrest. Hayward was transported to the Maryland State Police Barrack in Berlin where he submitted to a breath test.