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THE MAN OF STEALS, NOT STEEL; Crotch Rocket Driver Stole Bike in Fairfax & Crashed in Dover Resulting in Critical Injuries

DOVER, DEL. — The business of stealing rides can be murder when weaving between lanes and attempting to hurdle around and even over moving traffic. Police say that a nutcase operating at a high-rate of speed in one of Dover’s busiest intersections plowed into a small sedan and went flying through the air, but evidently this bozo forgot his cape. As a result of his short flight he suffered massive injuries requiring yet another flight to a trauma unit.

Governor Marvin Mandel dead at 95; spent last days enjoying grandchildren, Ravens and steamed crabs

COMPTON, MD. — “After an afternoon of eating crabs and spending the weekend in St. Mary’s County and enjoying the Ravens last night,” Phil Dorsey, stepson of Gov. Marvin Mandel, told THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY, “the Governor died at Harborview this afternoon.”

The location of Governor Mandel’s death was at the river-front home of Dorsey, located just off Breton Bay in Compton. Dorsey’s mother, the late Jeanne Blackistone Dorsey Mandel, was married to Governor Mandel in 1974 and became First Lady of Maryland. Mandel had been vacationing with his son Paul Dorsey and Mandel’s grandchildren at the summer place which overlooks the expansive Breton Bay for the last few months as his health declined.

Murder USA: Ticked off at Hubby; Wife Runs Him Over with SUV

LANHAM, MD. — It’s not wise to tick off the old lady, especially when she has a hair-trigger temper and drives a big SUV. The Prince George’s County Police Department’s Homicide Unit arrested a Lanham woman in connection with the murder of her husband. The suspect is 37-year-old Araceli Alvarez- Mendoza. The victim is 36-year-old Fernando Fragoso-Duana. Both lived in the 9400 block of Worrell Avenue.

Dirtbag Roundup: Credit Card Ring Boss Sentenced to Federal Prison

Baltimore, Maryland – The advent of a massive credit card fraud scheme based in Maryland began with a love affair, according to prosecutors. Instead of sending each other love notes, the pair gained access to an embossing machine and expressed their love for each other by creating counterfeit credit cards which they used to steal over $126,000.

Last attack of WWII on a U. S. Navy Ship: USS Indianapolis survivors describe the event

Sailors tell their stories of survival after their ship was torpedoed and sank in the Pacific in 1945.

Attention President Obama: THIS is an American hero, not the deserter you traded for five Taliban terrorists

Stone, along with childhood friends Aleksander Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, was recently honored by French President François Hollande with the French Legion of Honour for subduing an armed gunman when he entered their train carrying an assault rifle, a handgun and a box cutter

Southern Md. Police Beat: Framed Assault Leads to Stitches and Jail

While placing Wathen into custody he pulled away and attempted to get back inside the house. Wathen was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center and charged with Failure to comply with an Order of Court and Resisting Arrest.