Daily Archives: July 15, 2015

Murder USA: Three Members of Matusiewicz Family Convicted of Federal Stalking Crimes Resulting in the Murder of Christine Belford in Courthouse Shoot-out

The Matusiewicz family began their stalking campaign by broadly disseminating—by mail, e-mail, websites, Internet postings, and other means—false allegations that Christine Belford had, among other things, abused her children, suffered from mental illness and attempted to harm Lenore Matusiewicz. They used a website, posted YouTube videos, and sent letters to Christine Belford’s church, her children’s schools, the family’s neighbors, friends and relatives repeating their false and defamatory allegations. Christine Belford and her children were placed in fear and suffered substantial emotional distress as a result of the Matusiewicz family’s widespread, public dissemination of this false and defamatory information.

Murder USA: Chester William Zakroski III shot dead at his home; one injured

Zakroski managed to build a career record of about two dozen arrests for drugs, theft and burglary with his most recent arrest in Anne Arundel County for theft by Anne Arundel Police Officer Fultz.

Murder USA: Ghetto days in Wheaton as two shot and killed Eric Melgar at Metro Station garage

With gang violence sweeping through the former middle class communities of Silver Spring and Wheaton, Md., come stabbings, shootings and murders often associated with drug dealing and Mexican gangs. The latest such murder to take place in Wheaton, came the day before Montgomery County prosecutors and police held a press conference on Reedie Drive to discuss the indictment of the accused killer of the Lyons sisters who vanished on March 25, 1975.