Daily Archives: June 22, 2015

District Police Beat: D.C. Police Union cites prosecutors as weak on dirt-bike outlaws

The position of the DC Police Union is this: Our officers are doing what they can within the law and with the safety of the community in mind, but even when they are able to outwit and apprehend these scofflaws safely, the OAG and the Judges at DC Superior Court don’t agree on the egregiousness of this offense and how it endangers our community. This is not a failure of law enforcement; it’s a lack of enforcement from prosecutors and judges.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Dad shot self and left his baby to die in Indian Head home two days before Dad’s day

Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry reports that the father of James Robert Barker apparently shot himself, two days before Father’s Day, in what police believe was a case of suicide. The man left his baby alone and the child died. What police did not say was whether they were investigating if the man was responsible for the baby’s death prior to taking his own life.

Anne Arundel Police Beat: Cops nab suspect who broke into motel room and robbed patron at knife-point

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the 65-year-old male victim who reported than an unknown male suspect threw a rock through the window of his hotel room, shattering the glass, and then climbed through the broken window, demanding money from the victim. When the victim hesitated, the suspect pulled out a knife and held it to threaten the victim. The victim then turned over an undisclosed amount of money to the suspect, who fled towards the front of the hotel property on Annapolis Road.