Daily Archives: June 16, 2015

Judge Cougar Audrey Creighton leaves the bench while her burglar boy-toy lover cools his heels in prison

Senning had multiple criminal convictions including stealing guns and burglary prior to becoming the Judge’s live-in lover. Given all the information available to the Judicial Panel investigating her, it might be safe to assume — and that is all the public can do — the Maryland Judicial Disabilities Commission could have stripped her of her post. By resigning, she will be able to be referred to has “Judge Creighton” and can continue to practice law.

FBI offers $20,000 reward for kidnappers of Nefertiri Trader

The reward being offered by the FBI adds to the existing reward monies that New Castle County has been offering. Our hope is that these combined funds will break down the code of silence, encourage a tip called into authorities, and bring closure to Ms. Trader’s family.”

Brian Whitfield sent to slammer for 20 years and fined millions in fraud case

The evidence at trial also proved that Whitfield vastly underreported wages and taxes on Sommet’s quarterly employer tax return that he personally prepared and filed. Across six quarters from 2008—2010, Sommet paid more than $83 million in wages to its employees and the employees of its clients, but Whitfield reported less than $4 million in wages to the IRS, resulting in an underpayment of more than $20 million in taxes.

Murder USA: Cops nab Larnell Tyran Lyles for killing of Big Daddy’s Ice Cream truck operator Brandon Brown; Brown slipped past murder charges himself 3 years prior

Information obtained on scene was Brown, who was working as driver for “Big Daddy Ice Cream” truck, pulled into the court, during the course of his employment, and stopped in the 400 Block of Vermont Court. Brown stepped off the truck and was approached by a black male who shot him at least one time in the chest. The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5′ 8′ – 5’10” tall, weighing approximately 170-190 pounds, wearing blue jeans and black shirt.