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G-Men put brakes on Mexican Express Heroin & Cocaine Train; Cokehead Alert! Prices Going UP!

The indictment further alleges that the Laredo brothers had numerous relatives and associates set up “funnel accounts” that were used for the purpose of laundering the proceeds of the drug operation back to Mexico. According to the indictment, using a variety of money laundering techniques, including the use of the funnel accounts, wire transfers of funds, and Western Union money grams, the DTO was able to launder at least $5 million of its heroin proceeds back to Mexico, where the Laredo brothers resided. It was further a part of the conspiracy that the Laredo brothers directed defendant Osmar Flores, doing business as Tri-Country Auto Sales, Inc., in Rockford, Illinois, to collect and deposit large sums of cash representing proceeds of the Laredo DTO’s heroin trafficking sales in the U.S. to the business bank account of Tri Country Auto Sales, Inc. Portions of those funds were allegedly used to purchase multiple vehicles used to transport heroin from Mexico and bulk U.S. currency from the United States to Mexico, in concealed compartments. I

Body of Jake Zorn recovered in Susquehanna River

Rescue Boat 71 was in the water shortly after dispatch with the crew heading north in the Susquehanna River to start the search. Just north of the boat launch the crew noticed a light in the water and headed towards the object. The crew located a male subject holding onto a cooler and pulled him aboard. The patient advised he was in a canoe that had overturned with another male and that he had lost contact with him before our arrival.