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Officer Brennan Rabain had enough alcohol in his system to have been arrested for DUI when he crashed

In 2012, our department launched an officer driving safety campaign called “Arrive Alive” after two of our officers died on county roadways within a two-month period. Every week, the department publishes an internal driver safety message that’s sent to all PGPD personnel and is also posted in roll call rooms. The message also goes out over our radio system six times a day.

Prince Georges Police Beat: Top Cops for January 2015 Honored as Life Savers and Crime Fighters

On January 24, 2015, Police Officers Tahicia McCaskill and Oved Canas were called to Aitcheson Road in Beltsville for the report of a suicidal woman. The woman was bleeding profusely from a self-inflicted wound. Given the amount of blood loss, the officers knew immediate action was needed to save her life. The officers quickly grabbed their department-issued trauma kit from a cruiser and applied a tourniquet. They then talked with the woman to try to prevent her from going into shock. Arriving EMS units confirmed that the officers’ actions saved the woman’s life.

Anne Arundel Police Beat: Cops Seek Bungling Black Bearded Bozo Burglars

Both suspects go through drawers inside in an attempt to steal keys to vehicles on the lot. The suspects then fled the business without obtaining any property. Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact detective Dutton of the Western District at 410-222-6155.

Murder USA: Four armed killers loose in Huntington area of Fairfax not deemed “a threat to public safety” says police

HUNTINGTON, VA. — Its not real clear what it takes for Fairfax Police to figure out what is a threat to public safety if four black guys with a gun who just popped a round or two into a guy and killed him DEAD is not a threat to public safety. But that is modern society of the lawless and criminals marauding over the countryside at will.

Delaware State Police seek ‘Little-Red Robbing Hoodie’ for knocking over Pizza Hut

The suspect is described as a black male. He was 6’01”-6’02” tall and was last seen wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and had a mask covering his face. There is no further physical or clothing description available. No video surveillance photos are available at this time.

Fairfax Police Beat: dive team recovers gun teen dumped after showing it off to his pals

Police received a report that a 15- year-old juvenile male was in possession of a handgun and had shown it to other juveniles and then discarded it.

This is what the Maryland Natural Resources Police can do to diminish the Pirate Poachers of the Chesapeake!

The “Patrol” is seen chasing a row-boat containing river pirates. The pirates are pulling at the oars with all their strength, but a few shots from the Police Boat weaken their nerves and they give up. When the “Patrol” comes up near them, it lowers a dory and a number of policemen make the capture. As the pirates are landed on the Police Boat a fierce fight takes place between them and the police, but the latter overcome the offenders and land them safely on the boat.