Daily Archives: March 3, 2015

Hunters cook their own goose when shooting ducks over baited area; Harry Marvin Snyder fled from NRP cops to avoid fines for poaching deer

Acting on a tip, an officer checked the beach at Mountain Point at the tip of the island and found corn washed on shore near an offshore stationary hunting blind. Officers kept the area under surveillance and on Jan. 24 – the last day of duck season – found five hunters in the blind and in an anchored Jon boat. A large quantity of shelled corn was found in the boat launching area

Fairfax Police Beat: spotlighting of police helicopter incident will result in beamer being jailed, say cops

FAIRFAX, VA., Fairfax County Police report that they are investigating an incident involving spotlighting the agency’s helicopter, creating dangerous visibility issues for the pilot and crew.

While returning to the helicopter base on Tuesday, February 24 around 8 p.m., the pilot observed a bright light illuminating Fairfax One.