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Eastern Shore Police Beat: Hell no, copper, I ain’t gonna go to jail!

Police say that instead of submitting, he became hostile and attempted to walk away from the deputy which caused the deputy to take steps to prevent him from leaving. Santos-Villalta then initiated a physical confrontation with the deputy and fought the deputy’s efforts to take him into custody.

At one point, the suspect placed both hands around the deputy’s throat in an attempt to choke the deputy. The deputy became engaged with a serious struggle to gain the control of Santos that was not completed until additional law enforcement officers arrived.

Culpeper Police Beat: Drunk and Not Neighborly Geezers Dispute Included Knives, Bats and Guns

At about 8:36 PM CCSO received a report of shots fired and someone hollering at the same address. When Deputy Burgoon arrived, he found Woolen’s pickup vandalized- with the windows broken, the tires slashed, and the headlights knocked out. During his investigation, Burgoon recovered a wooden baseball bat used by Burrell to break the glass. Burrell reported that Woolen threatened him with something, and he reacted by getting a butcher knife and swinging it at him. Burrell was arrested for attempted malicious wounding, destruction of property, impersonating a law enforcement officer, and false report to a law enforcement officer. He is held at Culpeper County Jail without bond.

Note to Obama: Muslim radicals are EVIL

Note to Obama: Muslim radicals are EVIL

Baltimore Police Beat: Armed Gang Member Sent To Scout Defenses of Police Station

With the attack on the New York City Police Officers which left two dead on Dec. 20th and yet another attack on two NYPD officers on Jan. 6th, along with the murders of police officers across the nation, the significance of this scouting operation by the BGF can’t be underestimated.

Metro Area Police Beat: Bozo Brothers & Sis sentenced to slammer for bank robbery; they dropped the loot on the way out the door!

Four bozos made robbery a family affair; dropped the loot on the way out

Crimes Took Place within 36-Hour Period in May 2014

WASHINGTON— A family of four from the crime-infested District of Columbia found robbery kept their family ties strong and profitable.

According to the FBI, the four, three brothers and their criminal sis, are now going to do time in a federal prison together, as a result of their crime spree.

Three brothers and their sister, all from Washington, D.C., were sentenced on Jan. 6, 2015 to prison terms for a pair of robberies that took place within a thirty-six-hour period of a convenience store in Montgomery County, Md., and a bank in the District of Columbia.