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Culpepper County Sheriff Scott F. Jenkins asks for help from public in finding killers of Sheryl Warner

On the night of Dec. 18, 2005, a Sunday, around 6:30 p.m., Warner was alone in her home along U.S. 29 in southern Culpeper County. She was on the phone with her father, John Embrey, discussing the Washington Redskins’ recent win against the Dallas Cowboys when the call was interrupted by a knock on the door. It was a man on her doorstep claiming his car had broken down and asking to use Warner’s phone so he could call for help.

His conversation suggested he was not alone, according to Jenkins. Warner hung up the phone and was never heard from again. Alerted by her family, first responders showed up at her Reva home just before 8 p.m. to find it on fire, her lifeless body bound and hanging in the basement. Warner was shot in the head.

Murder USA: man shot dead in warehouse on Stamp Road in PG (Pretty Gory) County

Marlow Heights, Md. — The Prince George’s County Police Department is investigating a homicide in Marlow Heights. A reward of up to $25,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case.

Baltimore gang member executed two NYPD police officers after shooting his girlfriend in Md.

Brinsley is believed to be a member of a Baltimore gang, Black Gorilla Family, sources said. The gang has vowed retribution for the deaths of Garner and Brown. Garner died after being put in a chokehold by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo on July 17 on Staten Island. Brown, who was unarmed, was shot dead by Ferguson, Mo. cop Darren Wilson on Aug. 9th. Neither cop was indicted by grand juries, sparking national protests.

Crooked lawyer goes to slammer: Promises of top interest rates fed the greed of private investors

BALTIMORE, MD—The old saying of ‘if it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t’ didn’t mean much to a group of investors who shoveled their money into the pockets of a group of con-men all for the promise of ultra-high returns on their “investment”.

Now the final sentencing is in the works with one Maryland lawyer being send to the slammer for a mere three years.

Northern Virginia Police Beat: Stafford deputies discovered meth labs when probing shooting

STAFFORD, VA. — An apparent falling out between men participating in an alleged criminal enterprise resulted in a shooting in October. A police investigation into those involved in the shooting led to search warrant raids and the discovery of meth labs.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Joshua Wallace, 39, currently incarcerated at the Rappahannock Regional Jail, Bradford Burchett, 37 of 943 Ficklin Drive, Stafford and Mariah Harrington, 44, of 943 Ficklin Drive, Stafford.

Book World: DEAD ON by Robert W. Walker – Chapter Twenty-Five

After some time passed, and as Marcus felt surer and surer that Cantu was planning some sort of frontal attack, he kept watchful vigilance, going from one side of the house to the other, one window to the other. As he did so, Kat followed him about, and the couple soon began to talk again as she had complimented his scoped Bushmaster Varmint Special as he called it. “Five in the chamber,” she said again, “but I see the size of the rounds’re huge, and you’re right, of course, she’s a real beauty.”