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Prince Georges Police Beat: NEWS FLASH! Stealing stuff from stores can result in Police nabbing dirtbags!

While District III officers were patrolling the Capitol Heights area they stopped two people with multiple bottles of alcoholic beverages, assorted snacks and toiletries. The officers discovered that these items had been stolen from a nearby business. Both people were arrested.

Book World: DEAD ON – by Robert W. Walker – Chapter Twenty-Four

“Archery is my passion,” she smugly said.

“Really? You know how to handle something this complicated?” He indicated the bow.

“Yeah, a custom made one for my size and weight.”

“Dad had a maybe a hundred twenty pounds on you.”

“”I can ratchet it down.”

“When all this is over, I’ll be happy to show you how to use it,” he promised and she flinched at the condescension in his voice.

“Marcus, I know about draw, that there’s a specific weight per pound of draw.”

“The bow’s fine for whitetails and other big game but—”

Kitchen stove caught kid’s shirt on fire; burned over thirty percent of her body

The investigation revealed that the victim was standing near a kitchen stove that was being used at the time. Her shirt came into contact with the hot stove and ignited. The resulting fire caused second and third degree burns to 30% of her body and was concentrated on her back. There was no other fire damage to the home upon investigation.

Murder USA: Police Investigate Homicide in Centreville

Murder USA: Police Investigate Homicide in Centreville – The initial investigation determined that roommates at the Cool Oak Lane address heard an argument between the victim and an unidentified person. When they went to investigate, the assailant had fled and the victim was discovered.

Remember when traitors got the death penalty? Navy Engineer Arrested for Attempting to Send USS Gerald R. Ford Schematics to the Egyptian Government

Remember when traitors got the death penalty? On November 28, 2014, Awwad was observed entering his office at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard holding a cardboard tube about three feet long. Once in his office, Awwad opened the cardboard tube and took out several white sheets which appeared to be design schematics of an aircraft carrier. Awwad then placed the schematics on the floor of his office and photographed them. After approximately 45 minutes of viewing the schematics and taking photographs, Awwad placed all the schematics back in the cardboard tube and left his office