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21st Century Underground Railroad: hookers owned by black slave owners forced to work from Princess Anne north to Delaware and Pennsylvania

One of the victims was physically beaten by Anthony on November 30 prior to being brought to Maryland from Delaware. During the beating, Anthony threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. Fearing for their lives, both remained.

Anthony and Tatem transported the women to Maryland and checked them in to a Somerset County hotel. While traveling, one of the women was able to send a message to a family member alerting them to her situation. The family member immediately alerted police.

Bandits with Black Masks and all other Robbery Apparel Also Black were Wearing Blue Jeans – Even their Gun Was Black!

Davidsonville, Md. — Anne Arundel County Police report that on 11-26-14 at approximately 8 pm, Officers from Southern District responded to 801 West Central Ave, Davidsonville MD, the Davidsonville market….