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Flim-Flam Man Fugitive Ran Down Bail Bondsman; Charged with Assault, DUI

Flim-Flam Man Fugitive Ran Down Bail Bondsman; Charged with Assault, DUI

(Charles County, MD) Maryland State Police captured a fleeing and fugitive flim-flam man, who is wanted, or perhaps unwanted, in more than a dozen states after he ran down a bail bondsman who was hot on the trail of the dirtbag.

Bart Kurtrick Mullins, (who has the word “trick” in his middle name) also has an address at 1435 Swan Street in Greensboro, North Carolina, as well as one on Housely Place in White Plains, Md. – and perhaps many more addresses, most of them fictitious – was arrested in June of 2014 for running down a West Monroe Louisiana Police officer at the scene of yet another alleged scam at a pawn shop.

Southern Md. Police Beat: DUI driver Douglas Scott Berkshire underwater too; dunked his BMW in river

HOLLYWOOD, MD. St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that a Texas man with a pricey hot rod took a cold dip into the Patuxent River on Christmas Day.

There were no known baptismal ceremonies taking place on that holy day.

Deputies responded to the end of Clark’s Landing Road for the report of a vehicle in the river.

The investigation revealed, Douglas Scott Berkshire, 38, of Austin, Texas, drove a 2011 BMW 335I, 300-400 feet off of the roadway into the water. He was subsequently arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence.

Murder USA: NEDD DEAD, SHOT IN HEAD…or somewhere nearby; two charged have background as thug and litterbug

Two charged with murder in drug deal gone bad

PARKVILLE, MD. — Baltimore County Police report that they have identified the December 26, 2014 homicide victim who was shot dead at the Welcome Inn as Aaron Phillip Nedd, 28, of the 8700 block of Loch Bend Drive, in Baltimore, Md..

The murder is one of many crimes that have taken place recently at the “1-star hotel” as it is described on the internet.

Dover Police Beat: Christiana Ligameri and Mustafe Whitfield charged with big bunch of bags of heroin at Dover Downs Casino

Officers arrived and contacted Christina Ligameri, 20. Upon further investigation it was discovered that Ligameri was in possession of 403 baggies of heroin, with a total weight of 6.045 grams.

Dover Downs Security continued video surveillance of Mustafe Whitfield, 29, inside the casino. Officers contacted Whitfield who allegedly was in possession of brass knuckles and Ligameri’s wallet and Delaware ID card.

Southern Md. Police Beat: DUI driver didn’t want to go to jail; whacky-tobaccy aficionados love to smoke dope and drive

DUI driver didn’t want to go to jail

SOLOMON’S ISLAND, MD. – Maryland State Police report that on 12/20/14 at 11:24 pm, Trooper First Class Wiesemann stopped a vehicle at Rt. 4 and Rousby Hall Rd. in Solomon’s for traffic violations. Eugenia Cousineau, 51 of Solomon’s, was arrested for DUI. While attempting to arrest Ms. Cousineau, she began resisting and was ordered to stop. She failed to obey the order and was additionally charged with resisting arrest and failure to obey a lawful order. She was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

Dover Police Beat: Suicide by cop perp booby-trapped his lair before calling 911

The incident began at 10:38PM, when dispatchers from the Dover Police Department received a call from a Crisis Center indicating that James Long, was having suicidal thoughts and had vocalized a plan to commit “suicide by cop.” Long has been the subject of previous incidents with the Dover Police Department, including one occasion where similar threats were made.

Northern Virginia Police Beat: Charges pending against driver; teen dead in crash blamed on deer

Charges pending against driver; teen dead in crash blamed on deer

SPRINGFIELD, VA. — Fairfax County police report that a 17-year-old boy died at Inova Hospital following a crash that occurred on Sunday, December 28 around 3 a.m.

Prince William Police Beat: Jose had all the wrong moves when busted for DUI; smacked cop

The employee followed the woman outside to the parking lot area of the store, at which time he identified himself as a loss prevention employee and requested that the accused return to the store. The woman followed the employee to the doorway of the store at which point she removed a can of pepper spray from the jacket she was wearing and sprayed the employee in the face. After spraying the employee, the woman fled from the area on foot. The employee was able to retrieve the items from the employee prior to her departure from the store. During the investigation, officers obtained video surveillance that led to the identity of the accused. No injuries were reported. Darnesha Michelle White, of 2714 Shipley Terrace, SE, Washington, D.C. was identified as the suspect and is on the lam.

Murder USA: Woman lingers near death after being shot by suspect Jack Braboy who hopes that once again his lawyer will ‘get him off’

Murder USA: Woman lingers near death after being shot by suspect Jack Braboy who hopes that once again his lawyer will ‘get him off’ – SALISBURY, MD. — Evidently, Jack Braboy didn’t get the memo that black lives matter. To celebrate Christmas, he allegedly tried to kill a black female with a blast from his gun to the head. Police say he then fled. Wicomico Sheriff Mike Lewis reports that Wicomico County deputies tracked him and jailed him on charges of attempted first and second degree murder; assault; using a firearm in the commission of a crime and reckless endangerment.


Upon returning my fourth deployment with the marines from Camp Lejeune, I had orders to Vietnam and spent 1965 as an advisor to a Vietnamese infantry battalion near the demilitarized Zone. By the time that I left Vietnam, I was a captain. Christmas was just another day, although the rear areas celebrated in one fashion or another. 1968 found me back in Vietnam first as a company commander in 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines and later as the operations officer. We were in the field for Christmas working with Vietnamese troops. I think that we did have a hot meal, but I am not sure. It was just another day. I do recall that one of the units had some type of Christmas tree and it was decorated with soda and beer cans along with other elements that could be found in a combat area. We got a big kick out of it. I still have a picture of it in one of my scrap books. Humor and relief is where you find it.