Did Officials Cover Up Confessed Child Molestation by Disbarred Lawyer?

Harry Walsh booking photo 112912

Harry Walsh booking photo 112912

EASTON, MD. — The conviction of Harry M. Walsh Jr., a former Talbot County attorney, for possession and exchanging of thousands of images of child pornography in Florida raises serious questions about a possible cover-up in Easton.

Walsh, 60, who was disbarred in Maryland in 2005 was convicted in Florida; last month was sentenced to more than 63 years in prison.

The State of Florida Sex Offender Registry lists him as a permanent resident of the Florida prison system.

Statements made by Walsh to Florida detectives indicate that he may have molested a child in Easton prior to moving to Florida, however court records show that he was never charged with a crime in Maryland.

A Florida newspaper reported: “Walsh reportedly told a detective that he molested a 4-year-old child out of state years ago and sought counseling because he was “sick,” according to the State Attorney’s Office.”

Prior to living in Florida where he worked as a paralegal, Walsh practiced law in Maryland, in Cecil County as well as Talbot County.

In 2005, Walsh was disbarred. Court records reflect: “It is ordered by the Court of Special Appeals, that Harry M. Walsh, Jr. be and he hereby is disbarred by consent from further practice of law in the State of Maryland. The Clerk shall strike the name of Harry M. Walsh, Jr. from the register of attorneys in this Court.”

The States Attorney of any county on the Eastern Shore where such a crime had occurred would have the discretion to have brought charges or to decide to not bring charges of a crime for Walsh. This power of the prosecutor is often exercised.

The Sarasota Florida Herald-Tribune reported the statement of the prosecutor in describing Walsh’s crimes.

“The defendant exploited countless children over 25 years, by viewing and spreading images of little kids being sexually battered, molested and humiliated,” said Assistant State Attorney Andrea McHugh, who prosecuted the case. “When the image of a child being sexually battered is traded over the Internet, it inflicts a unique, psychological harm on the child. The realization that others are enjoying the sick image of their abuse haunts the victim without end.”

Charges of domestic violence appear to be have been sought as a protective order was requested against Walsh but court records are inconclusive in revealing the outcome.

After moving to Florida and working as a paralegal, Walsh began to pass himself off as an attorney until a complaint was made against the firm for whom he worked.

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