Daily Archives: October 14, 2014

Northern Va. Police Beat: Two arrested in internet child porn probe

The tip provided detectives with information about nude and sexual images of underage boys being uploaded to a specific account via the social media site. The investigation into the owner of that account led investigators to a residence located at 13580 Dodsworth Dr. in Bristow (20136).

Dover Police Beat: armed robber went for the pizza dough; police note undocumented shoppers of the week

Police say that at approximately 10:30PM, two suspects entered the restaurant with masks covering their faces after forcing their way through the rear door as the business was closing. The suspects displayed black handguns and demanded money from the register.

Democrat Mayor of Charlotte sentenced to prison for bribery

“Patrick Cannon sold his oath of office, violated the integrity of our government, and betrayed the citizens of Charlotte. Public corruption will not be tolerated; no matter the position or names of those involved. As outlined in the criminal complaint, the FBI is uniquely positioned to dedicate whatever resources necessary to expose even the most deeply entrenched and secretive pay to play schemes,” said John Strong, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in North Carolina.

Book World: DEAD ON- Chapter Eighteen

Book World: DEAD ON- Chapter Eighteen

Maryland Trooper Matthew Schoenadel saved a baby’s life on side of I-68

When Tfc. Schoenadel saw the infant, the baby was not breathing. He appeared pale and his eyes were rolled back in his head. Without hesitation, he turned baby boy on his stomach to clear the baby’s airway. The infant responded and began to breathe. He soon regained color in his face and was transported to Western Maryland Health System by ambulance.

Attention women buying gas in Montgomery (or men with purses) – thieves may get the drop on you while you yak at the pump

ROCKVILLE, MD. — In this day and age of specialization, police report that one thief, or gang of thieves has perfected their skills to the point of being able to pull off dozens of crimes by taking advantage of women (or men with purses), who leave their vehicle unlocked while gassing up at the pump. The evil-doers hop into the vehicle and swipe valuables and purses while the victim is distracted by talking on the cell phone while pumping gas