Daily Archives: September 15, 2014

Road-side vendor caught with undersized crabs; Stephan Brinkman cited for possession of female crabs

Carson could be fined a maximum of $1,000 for each violation. On the first charge of selling a bushel with 25 undersized crabs, she can plead guilty and pay a $400 fine. However, she is required to appear in Carroll District Court on the charges of having one bushel with 74 undersized crabs and the other with 87 undersized crabs. The court date has not been set.

Wrong Way Jason Lynch awarded 5th DUI but has nothing to worry about from States Attorney Olgesby

Jason T. O’Reilly Lynch cited with 5th DWI, but court records show nearly all of his arrests vanish when the prosecutor appears

SNOW HILL, MD. (Sept. 15, 2014) According to Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies report that on September 11, 2014 around 9:00 pm a Deputy on patrol on Route 113 north of Shad Landing observed a vehicle that was traveling north bound on the south bound shoulder.