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Murder USA: Black Guerilla Family and crooked corrections officer’s bromance yields more convictions of guards

Graves, Johnson, Armstrong, Allison, Linder and Lunkin were correctional officers (COs) at the BCDC who smuggled contraband into the jail for distribution by BGF inmates. Graves smuggled Percocet, marijuana and tobacco into the jail from 2011 to 2013 on behalf of BGF leader Tavon White. Graves acted in concert with other correctional officers. Johnson admitted that she smuggled drugs such as Percocet, into the jail.

Allison admitted that she worked with other COs to smuggle drugs such as Suboxone and other prescription pills as well as marijuana, into the jail. Allison knew other inmates and COs who were involved in smuggling, and in sexual relationships. Armstrong admitted that he smuggled prescription pills, marijuana, cell phones and tobacco into the jail from 2011 to 2012. Armstrong acted in concert with Allison and other correctional officers.


On Wednesday night President Obama gave a national speech during prime time concerning his upcoming actions in dealing with the terrorist group ISIS. We will use additional air strikes in…

Deadly weekend in Joppa: four dead in crashes

Additional resources were requested bringing 2 more JMVFC paramedic units and a paramedic unit and rescue truck from the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Company (KVFC). The JMVFC Firefighters used their Jaws of Life to peel away the mangled metal from the two trapped occupants. Unfortunately, one of the patients, an adult male, was pronounced dead at the scene

Pennsylvania state police aided by neighboring states in seeking bushwacker who killed one trooper and injured another

State police said more than 100 law enforcement officials from New York, New Jersey and here in Pennsylvania have searched the Blooming Grove area for a suspect or suspects and, so far, nothing.

“We are convinced that this individual is no longer in that immediate area,” said Lt. Colonel George Bivens.