Daily Archives: September 6, 2014

The Case of the Canned Caretaker’s Revenge – armed home invasion robbery was in retaliation for being fired, say cops

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that detectives have rounded up a gang who preyed on two old women in a home in Town Creek, robbed them and caused injuries. The crime was planned in retaliation for Jessica L. Johnson, 24, of Mechanicsville, being fired, say police. The robbers were armed during the robbery and unfortunately, the residents of the home were not and didn’t get a chance to blast them into eternity.

Dover Police take note of ‘undocumented shoppers’ ripping off area stores

The Dover Police Department responded to a total of 16 shoplifting complaints between Noon on Thursday, August 28th and Noon on Thursday, September September 4th. This week saw a decrease of 10 complaints compared to the same time period in last weeks post. Of the 16 shoplifting complaints, 8 resulted in arrests of the suspects involved, 3 businesses declined prosecution, 2 of them are still under investigation without identified suspects, and no crime was confirmed in the other 3 cases. There were no juvenile arrests for shoplifting in this time period.