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Sunday Afternoon on the radio from yesteryears…

Sunday Afternoon on the radio from yesteryears…

USS Saratoga heads to scrap yard

The ex-USS Saratoga (CV 60) on Thursday set off on its final voyage from Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island to the port of Brownsville, Texas where the ship will be dismantled.

The ex-Saratoga departed under tow by the Signet Maritime tug, MV Signet Warhorse III, in front of thousands of spectactors who lined the shores to get one last glimpse of the decorated ship.

The ship arrived in Newport Aug. 7, 1998 following 38 years of commissioned service with the U.S. Navy from 1956 to 1994.

Book World: DEAD ON – Chapter Seven

Some time had passed when Kat Holley ordered an appetizer. “Haven’t eaten all day…feeling a bit light-headed.”

“Win on an empty stomach.” He nursed his near black beer. Silence thickened like hardening concrete between them until he added, “Look, Doctor, playing marionette in his game could get us both killed.”

“I realize he’s calling the shots right now but—”

“Calling th shots. Sweetheart, this murdering creep is weaseling his way around the corners of your life.”

“Get smart, Detective. He’s playing games with us both.”

Good Ole Boy St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz heads to another election!

Do politics ever change? The liberal Democrats in Texas took a page out of Republican Richard Fritz’s playbook and filed a political indictment against Gov. Rick Perry of Texas in an attempt to smear him with the voters. In 2010, Fritz filed 120 counts against his opponent in the 2010 election for States Attorney, John A. Mattingly Jr. Every single charge against him, charges which were filed with the cooperation of his fellow Republican Sheriff Tim Cameron, who provided unlimited investigators in the effort to bury Mattingly — were later either dropped by an Independent Prosecutor or a jury found him not guilty. The calendar is closing in fast on this year’s election and Fritz has yet to indict Shane Mattingly for anything, but there is still time! world’s toughest bridge, is in Durham, N.C. and so are the dumbest truck drivers

DURHAM — If you’re paying attention this week when you drive that tall truck down South Gregson Street, you’ll get fair warning about the low bridge ahead.

A series of yellow diamond signs, starting a block in advance, will tell you about the 11-foot, 8-inch clearance.

Then the yellow lights will go crazy, the ones with an overhead sign that says: OVERHEIGHT WHEN FLASHING