Daily Archives: August 7, 2014

PG police need help nailing these dirtbag robbery suspects who are innocent until a jury gets their hands on them

Robbery detectives would also like to identify this suspect. He’s a suspect in a robbery at a home on Suitland Road in Suitland on August 5, 2014. No one was hurt during the robbery. Please note the tattoo on the suspect’s cheek. If you can help us identify him, please call 301-772-4905.

Ocean City cracking down on #1 Rowdy Street with Odd Squad of Nit-Pickers

Ocean City P.R.E.S.S Committee Aims to Combat Problem Properties

Rowdy Street

(08/07/2014) – With the number of summer rentals at its peak, various town departments have joined forces to address property issues related to noise, sanitation, overcrowding and building code violations. The Property Review and Enforcement Strategies for Safe-housing (PRESS) Committee is a group of town officials authorized to address communitywide quality of life issues.