Daily Archives: August 5, 2014

Fire Challenge Adds New Victims: Parents need to ask themselves ‘how stupid is my kid?’

According to the Maryland Fire Marshal potentially deadly activity has been causing several victims to receive serious burn injuries resulting from pouring a liquid accelerant on their body and setting themselves on fire. The “Fire Challenge” is performed in front of a camera to be placed on social media sites for viewing and sharing with the world.

The seriousness of this stunt has rendered a call to parents and teenagers alike to discuss the potential effects of this activity. Several emergency rooms across the country have reported receiving victims with significant burn injuries to their upper torso and extremities. A 15 year-old male succumbed to his injuries in Buffalo, NY as a direct result of the activity.

Frederick Drug Shop on Wheels Gave Cops a Hell-Ride on Interstate

FREDERICK, MD. — According to Frederick Police on 08-4-2014 at approximately 1510 hours, an off duty Frederick Police Officer was in the area of Woodville Rd. and Rt. 144, when he observed an RV being operated in a reckless manner, swerving in the roadway and nearly causing several collisions. The officer followed the RV from Rt. 144 onto Rt. 70 W/B and from there to the City of Frederick limits. The officer continued to observe violations and a second city officer along with 2 Maryland State Police Troopers were able to join him in the area of Rt. 15 and Motter Ave. and stopped the RV on the Motter Ave. ramp.

Further investigation revealed the operator of the RV to be in possession of a quantity of suspected marijuana. During a subsequent search incident to arrest, significant quantities of other controlled dangerous substances were found including Amphetamine, Methadone, Bath Salts, Oxycodone and Cocaine.

Hobos & Hooker Patrol: Cops note arrests for boozing in the Park

The following incidents are reported by St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron and his COPs UNIT

ARRESTS 7-30-14

ALCOHOL VIOLATION – On July 25, 2014, Deputy Krum assigned to the Lexington Park COPs UNIT, observed suspects Francine Mae Morgan, 55, of Lexington Park, and James Calvin Morgan, 49, of Lexington Park, in the area of South Shangri La Drive in Lexington Park, consuming alcoholic beverages. Both were charged with the violation by criminal citation.

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