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Opinion: Who Pays for Public Employee Health Costs?

A detailed inspection of these revenues reveals that they come from sources subject to significant discretionary reporting (Cullen, 2003). One third of the relevant dollars are associated with “categorical aid” for students classified as having special needs or requiring remedial education. Recent work documenting troublingly high error rates in school lunch programs (Bass, 2010) emphasizes the flexibility of school reporting and the limitations of the systems through which eligibility claims are validated. We also find that the strength of teachers’ unions mediates school districts’ responses to benefit growth. The relationship between our projections of benefit growth and actual benefit growth is strongest in school districts with strong teachers’ unions. Districts with weak unions appear to have offset increases in health care costs much more through reductions in the generosity of benefits. Inflows of categorical aid also appear to be mediated by union strength. The same is true of inflows of general formula assistance, though this result is imprecisely estimated.

Gregory Boyd and Carlos Briddell Jr. charged with attempted murder and robbery of two victims in Princess Anne

Two teenagers have been charged in connection with the attempted murder, robberies and assaults of two men in Somerset County last night.

Those charged are identified as Gregory I. Boyd, 17, of the 11000-block of Bratten Ave., and Carlos D. Briddell Jr., 18, of the 30000-block of Antioch Ave., both in Princess Anne, Md. Boyd and Briddell are each charged with attempted second degree murder, armed robbery, first degree assault, second degree assault and reckless endangerment. Boyd is charged as an adult.

The victims are 26 and 27-year-old men who live in separate residences in the 11000-block of Brockett Square, Princess Anne. Both victims were transported to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center for treatment of what appeared to be blunt force trauma injuries.

When Boss Hog and the Good Old Boys Decide to Hoodwink Uncle Sam on Road Contracts…

CHARLOTTE, NC— For years the crooks have been hoodwinking the government when it comes to minority set-asides for contracts and the taxpayers have been paying the price.

Once in awhile the government manages to uncover the fraud perpetrated by those who have been getting rich from their schemes.

This is yet another win for the good guys. If you know of similar schemes call the FBI.

Kevin Hicks, 43, of Monroe, N.C. and former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Boggs Paving Inc. (Boggs Paving) entered a plea of guilty today before U.S. Magistrate Judge David S. Cayer for his role in an $87 million fraud scheme involving government-funded construction projects, announced Anne M. Tompkins, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina.

Hicks is one of the eight named defendants charged with government procurement fraud and related offenses. During the relevant time period, Hicks served as the CFO for Boggs Paving and Boggs Group, and was in charge of Boggs Paving’s accounts payable and receivable, job cost accounting, human resources and information technology. Today, Hicks pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and one count of money laundering conspiracy.

Official Of Maryland Veterans Affairs Admits To Fraud in Obtaining Over $1.4 Million In Benefits

According to his plea agreement, while serving at Deputy Chief of Claims, Clark fraudulently obtained VA compensation for himself and at least 17 others, by submitting false documents to the VA purporting to show that the claimants had been diagnosed with diabetes, and in some cases that the claimant had served in Vietnam when they had not. The claimants paid Clark half of the retroactive lump sum payment they received in cash, or some other amount of cash. These payments to Clark were made in unmarked envelopes, at MDVA offices in Bel Air, Maryland; at the Fallon Federal Building in Baltimore; and at other locations.

In support of these claims, Clark submitted fake letters from doctors purportedly treating the veterans, which falsely stated that the claimants suffered from Type II diabetes. Clark used the names and addresses of real doctors who were unaware of his conduct. Each letter stated that the diagnosis of Type II diabetes had been made a year or more prior to the date of the letter, which entitled each claimant to a retroactive lump-sum payment. The letters also stated that the claimants were currently taking insulin, which increased the amount of compensation the VA paid the claimant.

Clark created counterfeit versions of a Defense Department form for himself and five others, which falsely stated that each had served in Vietnam. These forms also falsely stated that these individuals had received various awards and decorations for the Vietnam service, including that Clark himself had been awarded the Purple Heart Medal. These documents were submitted to the VA to provide false evidence that they qualified for compensation benefits for diabetes.

Country drug dealers hit the big time in big house; 15 years for ‘Kojack’ Berry

According to Berry’s plea agreement and other court documents, from February 2012 to April 2013, Berry conspired with Damon Estep, Alrahman Allen, Jamar Holt and others to distribute cocaine and crack in southern St. Mary’s County. Holt provided Allen with cocaine and other drugs and then regularly called Estep to coordinate the delivery of cocaine to Estep, Berry or others from St. Mary’s County.

Nearly every week, Berry, Estep and others met Allen in the Glen Burnie area and paid Allen for one-fourth, one-half and one kilogram quantities of cocaine for further distribution in St. Mary’s County by Estep, Berry and others at Estep’s direction. Once Berry and others transported the cocaine back to their stash locations in St. Mary’s County, Estep and others would cook portions of the cocaine into crack, and distribute the cocaine and crack throughout southern Maryland at Estep’s direction.

Church fire fought by firefighters in three-alarm disaster to historic Spring Hill Episcopal in Hebron Md.

(July 22, 2014) – Deputy State Fire Marshals are currently on the scene investigating the cause of a church fire which was reported earlier this morning at 11:12 A.M.

The fire was reported to the 911 Center by a passerby.

Numerous fire departments from Wicomico County and Delaware responded to the fire which quickly escalated to three-alarms. It is estimated nearly 100 firefighters are still currently extinguishing the blaze.

Dirtbag Report: Robbers went for Big Gulp After Posing as Feds in Street Robbery

SEVERNA PARK, MD. — Anne Arundel County Police report that a robbery was reported on July 22, 2014. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the 17-year-old and 18-year-old male victims, who reported that they were in their vehicle and stopped their vehicle in a neighborhood when they were approached by two male suspects.

Murder USA: Bashunn Phillips makes the big time with murder rap for him and little brother

The investigation revealed Mr. Mason and Bashunn Phillips were known to each other. In October of 2013, an issue developed where Bashunn Phillips and Mr. Mason were involved in an altercation. As a result of the altercation, Bashunn Phillips was charged and was awaiting a court date. The murder of Mr. Mason occurred within weeks before the case was supposed to go to trial. After the murder, evidence was obtained in which Tymaine Phillips, Bashunn Phillips’ brother, attempted to secrete evidence from law enforcement authorities.

Salisbury Police Report on Shoplifting Spree Sweeping Area

— The Salisbury Police Department is attempting to reduce the amount of shoplifting that is occurring in our local commercial businesses.

Gunmen cleaned out cell phone store; hot phones might be dicey to connect to service

Some dangerous criminals are dangerously stupid on top of being crooked. The Salisbury Police are now on the lookout for two men who robbed an AT&T store at gunpoint and cleaned out a large supply of expensive cell phones. Those who buy these hot phones will run into real problems when they try to connect them to service. At that point, it is likely that those who have been ripped off by the criminals will then in turn, turn them into police.

On July 15, 2014 at approximately 6:08 P.M. officers of the Salisbury Police Department responded to AT&T Wireless, located at 105 W. Ruark Dr., for a report of an armed robbery. The investigation revealed that two suspects entered the store and displayed a handgun before ordering employees and customers to the employee lounge. The suspects then demanded access to the inventory room and stole an undetermined number of Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phones.

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