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Eastern Shore Police Beat: Wicomico Sheriff’s long arm snags armed carjacking suspect in New York

According to Maryland court records, Simpson had been convicted of armed carjacking on April 20, 2004 and sentenced to eight years in prison; and later released on probation, the terms of which he violated in 2011 after an evaluation report was issued by the Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems.

While a resident of the Department of Corrections at Jessup, Simpson had originated a court order to change his name, which a handy way to rid a convicted felon of a criminal record, and the court denied his request, citing his failure to provide a reason why he couldn’t afford the small fee needed to advertise such an action.

Beach Blues: when it happens in Ocean City, read about latest arrests

Michaux, Brandon Tyler (B /M/21) Arrest on chrg of Disorderly Conduct, M (M), at 20 Dorchester St/s Baltimore Ave, Ocean City, MD, on 7/18/2014. Bouey, W R

AR 2014004969

Trespass-posted Propert…

Holmes, Deshawn Curtis (B /M/19) Arrest on chrg of Trespass-posted Property, M (M), at 200 Somerset St, Ocean City, MD, on 7/18/2014. Bouey, W R