Daily Archives: July 9, 2014

Three Dozen Sickened by YMCA camp pool chemicals

The Anne Arundel County Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team responded to the scene and in working with the staff at Camp Letts isolated the problem to an apparent mechanical malfunction which caused an excessive amount of either Sodium Hypochlorite or Muriatic Acid to enter into the pool. The problem was recognized by camp staff who quickly evacuated children from the pool and moved them rapidly to showers at the facility where they were decontaminated of the product. The quick thinking of the staff is believed to have minimized the impact of the exposure.

Cap’n Larry Jarboe: Croakers by the Pound

Croaker fishing from a pier is quite productive. But, you can increase your odds by taking a boat to the edge of a channel and fishing along that edge. Also, oyster beds are particularly good feeding grounds for croakers to dine upon. Drift fishing will help you cover a lot of bottom till you find a good area to anchor.

The croaker limit of 25 per angler is quite generous. Make sure you keep those noisy fish chilled or iced down well. No sense spoiling that delectable salt water taste that croakers are known for. Fresh fried croaker is fine eating. Freezing the fillets diminishes the flavor greatly.

St. Mary’s Deputy shooting at fleeing criminal on highway collected big bucks on paid vacation

Pay roll records provided in a public information request to THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department revealed that Deputy Philip Joseph was punished for firing his gun at a fleeing criminal who was driving on Rt. 5 in Charlotte Hall.

The punishment? Deputy Joseph was ordered to sit around in an administrative leave status, at full pay, the Sheriff’s Department conducted an “investigation”. In the process, Dep. Joseph collected $32,496 in paid administrative leave, for doing absolutely nothing. No work, no light duty, not fired, just an extensive and expensive vacation, courtesy of the taxpayers. The total pay for Dep. Joseph in the 2013 fiscal year was $99,235 with $6,150 in overtime as well.

Overtime for some employees of St. Mary’s Sheriff is excessive

The St. Mary’s County Commissioners have included in the new fiscal year budget a line item for $125,000 for a “Compensation Study” which is usually when the county hires a consultant who will tell them it’s time to hike salaries. There are currently 136 Sheriff’s deputies and 11 terminated deputies as of the date of the information released to THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY.

St. Mary’s County officials exposed Social Security numbers for all employees of Sheriff

As St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron is a state official, indeed a constitutional officer of the state, his staff of clerks and cops are considered county employees and the agency is required by law to be funded by the county commissioners. Therefore, compliance with the state law requiring disclosure of public information to the public could be considered to have to adhere to Executive Orders of the Governor.

Of course, had St. Mary’s County’s Finance Director, Elaine Kramer or County Attorney George Sparling felt compelled to verify the data provided in the Public Information Request, they might have spotted the illegal distribution of employee Social Security numbers to the public. An electronic distribution, as requested for fiscal year 2011, was simple and but four columns, without intricate records of sick leave, annual leave, contributions to pension and FOP dues, worker’s compensation, Medicare contributions and so on.

St. Mary’s County is not the only government entity that makes illegal dumps of social security numbers. The Internal Revenue Service, indeed the very agency caught up in the scandal over illegally auditing conservative groups, the Office of Tax Exempt Organizations, reportedly did an electronic dump of over 100,000 social security numbers in a public information request to as reported in Human Events in 2013