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Beltway Police Beat: Gary Lionell Jackson dead in Lanham crash

— The Prince George’s County Police Department’s Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Unit is investigating a fatal car crash in Lanham. The victim is 62-year-old Gary Lionell Jackson of Ridge Street in Lanham.

On July 4, 2014, at about 10:15 pm, patrol officers were called to the 11400 block of Lanham Severn Road for the report of a crash involving a single car. When they arrived, they discovered the car had struck a tree. The passenger, Jackson, was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver suffered minor injuries

Taxpayers picked up tab for elected school board members to chow down at fancy seafood house at resort

In Oct. 2013, members Chris Barclay, Shirley Brandman, Phil Kauffman, Justin Kim, Pat O’Neill, and Rebecca Smondrowski enjoyed a gourmet dinner with Superintendent Joshua Starr, BOE chief of staff Roland Ikheloa, and staff assistant Laura Steinberg. The meal was at Fager’s Island restaurant during the annual Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) conference in Ocean City. An itemized bill obtained by ABC7 lists $15 seafood appetizers, and lavish entrees like the $42 surf and turf, $39 lobster tail and $33 sea bass. The entire dinner-for-nine cost taxpayers $509.

“These are dollars that Montgomery County teachers desperately need for supplies, textbooks and resources, and you’re buying the appetizer and the lobster,” Janis Sartucci, a leading member of the Parents’ Coalition of Montgomery County, remarked.

District firefighter Norris Jackson charged with dealing crack

– It was here at Marvin Gaye Rec Center Park that MPD officers arrested Norris Jackson on Wednesday evening,

According to a police report, the 27-year-old D.C. firefighter faces charges of possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of an unregistered gun and ammunition

How did Chloe get to be 15-years-old with an owner as stupid as this Monifa Ayadelle Pendelton?

Upon arrival, doctors began immediately treating and evaluating Chloe. After triage, the doctor advised her condition was not well and she was suffering from extreme heat exhaustion/stroke. Chloe’s internal organs were shutting down and her quality of life was poor. The doctor advised that the best medical opinion was to euthanize Chloe due to her condition.

While Chloe was being treated, Animal Control responded and began assisting with the investigation. Chloe was ultimately euthanized. Animal Control took custody of Chloe after completion of the euthanasia for the purposes of a necropsy.

Greg Gagnon adds more criminal charges to his twenty-year saga of assault, drug and DUI record; broken down and boozing on motorcycle, he decides to fight cops

CLEMENTS, MD. — Maryland State Police report that on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 11:42 pm, Tpr. E. Krenik stopped with a disabled 1998 Honda motorcycle on Route 234 and Route 242. Tpr. Krenik initiated Standardized Field Sobriety Tests on the driver, Gregory Bertrand Gagnon, 49, of 28990 Shannon Court in Mechanicsville.

Eastern Shore Police Beat: Edward Allen Golden 2nd with DUI on Rt. 50; Kenneth Larkin wanted for robbery

Larkin pushed the clerk to the floor and was able to grab a PNC money bag from behind the counter before fleeing. Larkin was last seen fleeing the area on foot.
Larkin was last observed wearing a “do” rag on his head and sunglasses on his head, a blue tee shirt, and baggy blue jean shorts. Larkin also has numerous tattoos on each of his arms.