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Mortgage fraud: Rhonda Scott and Niesha Williams will be filing their phony deals on a prison computer for next two years

According to their plea agreements, beginning in 2008, Scott participated in several fraudulent real estate transactions that settled at M&R Title, Inc. located in Alexandria, Virginia, and at Sanford Title Services, located in Columbia, Maryland. The fraudulent transactions at each title company were part of different conspiracies. In both schemes, Scott facilitated deals between her co-conspirators, recruited individuals that could be parties to the real estate transactions, received proceeds of the fraudulent transactions through a shell company designed to hide her receipt of the funds, sent money to co-conspirators and identified mortgage transactions that the co-conspirators could use to enrich themselves.

As part of the M&R Title conspiracy, Scott, Demetrius Peete and others deceived buyers, sellers and lenders to make it appear to sellers that they were selling their property at a low price, and to buyers and lenders that the property was being sold at a higher price. The co-conspirators created paperwork for two different sales of the property at the same time. The first sale was fraudulent because it was backdated, the buyer planned to immediately flip the property in a subsequent sale and the settlement statement listed a fake loan. In the second sale, the sales price was significantly increased and the settlement statement showed a large sum being disbursed to the lender to payoff an existing lien. In fact, those funds were improperly disbursed to the co-conspirators.

Virginia Democrat Del. Joe Morrissey found with underage girl; indicted on felony sex charges

A Henrico County Circuit Court special grand jury was convened after a man called police last August to check on the welfare of his 17-year-old daughter. Police found the girl with Morrissey at the legislator’s home. The girl and Morrissey denied any impropriety.

Morrissey’s attorney, Anthony Troy, said at the time that the girl worked in Morrissey’s law office and that she had gone to her boss’s home for advice about family problems. He said there was nothing inappropriate about their relationship

Maryland officials just don’t get it: taking away the license of waterman who poached is silly — he doesn’t need a license!

Joseph Bruce Janda Jr., 28, of Wittman, had his commercial license permanently revoked a year ago by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Over a decade, Janda has been charged more than 60 times and been found guilty on numerous occasions for poaching oysters, illegal striped bass fishing and harvesting undersized crabs. In addition, he has been convicted of fishing without a license and fishing on a suspended license.

In 2011, Janda was cited for two crabbing violations within a two-year period worth 35 points on his licenses, which triggered a revocation hearing by an administrative law judge.

In writing last Friday, Judge J. Owen Wise rejected Janda’s appeal, calling him a “chronic offender” who had accumulated 415 days of suspensions.

Election 2014: stand-up guy at ATF stands up for Matt Morgan

On the contrary, he seemed to readily understand that people will never agree on everything, but that he just wanted the opportunity to explain why he held the opinion he presented. That was a refreshing change from the career politicians we have today.

I have been a registered voter for 22 years and this was the first time a candidate had the guts to knock on my door, let alone answer my questions. It renewed my interest in the local politics and I began to research the upcoming primary. I thought the carpetbagger claim was funny, considering Mr. Morgan had lived in the district even before it was changed by redistricting. That just showed a lack of substance on the part of others to resort to labeling or name-calling.

After my research, I found I had plenty to make me question the other candidates. Maybe I would have voted for one of them instead if they had the courage to go door to door, weathering the cold and the questions.

Update: Cops nab two PG men in armed robbery of two Charlotte Hall stores — they found the tubby bandit!

Maryland State Police Sgt. Jeff Jones reports that on June 18, 2014 at approximately 1106 hours, St Mary’s County Emergency Operations Center broadcasted an armed robbery at T.C. Martins Jewelers, located at 30105 Three Notch Rd, Charlotte Hall, St. Mary’s County, MD. Corporal Murphy from the Leonardtown Barrack arrived on the scene and learned that two black males entered the store and brandished a handgun.

Police Beat: plenty of Calvert drivers swoon down the road with weed-power

On 6/23/14 at 3:23 pm, Trooper First Class Evans stopped a vehicle on Rt. 4 near Whispering Dr in Prince Frederick for traffic violations. The driver, Ami B. Zimmerman, 29 of Lusby, was found to have an open warrant through the Calvert County Sheriff’s Officer. Zimmerman was placed under arrest. A search of her person revealed marijuana. A probable cause search of the vehicle revealed CDS paraphernalia. Ms. Zimmerman was incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center.

Smoking dope and driving

Possession of Marijuana: On 6/23/14 at 3:45 pm, Trooper Newcomer stopped a vehicle on Bay Avenue and 5th Street in North Beach for traffic violations. The odor of burnt marijuana was emitting from inside the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed raw marijuana in the driver’s side door pocket and the passenger’s side door pocket. Brandon L. Simonds, 23 of North Beach, was arrested and transported to the MSP Barrack for processing.

Smoking dope helps Neil Anderson drive better

Possession of Marijuana: On 6/25/14 at 2:07 pm, Trooper First Class Costello stopped a vehicle on Rt. 4 in Prince Frederick for traffic violations. The odor of marijuana was emitting from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle and marijuana was found in the trunk of the vehicle. Neil R. Anderson, 21 of St. Leonard, was arrested and transported to the MSP Barrack for processing.

Beltway Bandits: cops say couple went for the gold in Baltimore Criminal Olympics with aid of distractors

Baltimore County Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating two suspects wanted in connection with a theft of more than $25,000 worth of jewelry from Bijou Jewelers in the 10700 block of Falls Road 21093.
•Robert Antoine Weathers (53)
•Robin Tracy Nelson (50)

Beltway Bandits: pizza robber was named for president instead of Machine Gun Kelly

Montgomery County Police reports that Detectives from the Montgomery County Police- Major Crimes Division have arrested Calvin Coolidge Cannon III, age 22, of the 14100 block of Castle Boulevard for the May 29 armed robbery of the Papa John’s restaurant located at 1133 East West Highway in Silver Spring. BELTWAY BANDITS

St. Mary’s County released all Social Security numbers for each employee of Sheriff’s Department

Rossignol recently asked the county for salary data of sheriff’s department employees for a story he was working on. He said the county attorney’s office and finance department provided that information, plus the social security numbers of all employees, including deputies, civilians and the sheriff himself.

“These are detectives. These are deputies. These are jail guards,” Rossignol said. “There’s a lot of bad people out there who would love to have this information to hurt these people who actually do a good job for us.”