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Calvert County Md. Primary Election Results for 2014: George Owings back, voters show Gerry Clark the door

Democrat George Owings is back at the top of the political heap in Calvert County Maryland, scoring a big vote for County Commissioner President on the Democratic ballot and winning more votes than any Democrats or Republicans in the screwy system of voting in Calvert. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Election Day: History in Photos and Cartoons

In 1992 Republican Larry Hogan Jr was the GOP standard-bearer against Democrat Steny Hoyer for the newly expanded 5th Congressional District, to which the counties of St. Mary’s, Calvert and Charles had been removed from the First Congressional District of the Eastern Shore. Hogan came within 25,000 votes of Hoyer, his closest margin in the last 250 years he has been in Congress.

Police Beat: Top Cops on the Job

Police Beat: Top Cops on the Job, St. Mary’s County Md. Sheriff’s K-9 officer gives Deputy Dung Ross a lesson in smiling. First aid for downed pooch from St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Deputies Darryl Greb, left and William Bell, right. See more of top cops at work in The Story of The Rag in eBook, paperback and Audible