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Charlie Hall: Thank God for this Country Boy – The ‘Whip’ of the Dorsey Machine

What many of them had in common was adherence to a political tradition in the Seventh District, often called “Dorsey-land” due to the tribe in local politics named for the late Judge Phillip H. Dorsey, and later led by his son, long-time St. Mary’s County States Attorney Walter B. Dorsey. Judge Dorsey had his allies and they were the Baileys, Bo, Eddie, Bernard and many more. Others who were influential in the Dorsey Machine, as the liberals who had their own machine liked to call it, were “lieutenants” of the political organization – one of whom was Charlie Hall.

To simply report that Charlie Hall just kicked the bucket is to do the man a great injustice, without describing the important role he played in the politics and life of one county of three-thousand in America.

Charlie rose from being a lieutenant to being a standard-bearer in that in 1974 he mounted a credible campaign for County Commissioner and lost the Democratic Primary to John Knight Parlett, the scion of a gas empire on the east coast.

The Same Old Tune: — Cindy Jones — Paid for by Developers – John Parlett, Boosted by Phil Dorsey and Choreographed by Tommy “Hambone” McKay

Who is the treasurer of the Blue Crab Conservatives? Elizabeth Johnson, who is the sister of McKay.

Who funded the Blue Crab Conservatives? According to financial filings with the State of Maryland, the nearly $18,000 on hand to pay for its activities, such as the pretty Cindy Jones postcard, was collected and donated principally by John K. Parlett. The companies to which the money came from were from a collection of firms, companies and corporations controlled by Parlett.

What kind of planning is taking place in the north end of St. Mary’s County that could use the wonderful advice of a former Prince Georges County politico?

Public Corruption Update: FBI Continues Efforts to Root Out Crooked Officials

To uncover secretive activities like bribery, embezzlement, racketeering, kickbacks, and money laundering, we use sophisticated investigative techniques that can give us a front row seat to handshakes, money exchanges, or descriptions of corrupt schemes directly from the mouths of the officials involved. These techniques—which we’ve been using successfully for years against organized crime—include electronic surveillance, undercover operations, and informants/cooperating witnesses.

Rameesha Smith Sentenced for Role in Credit Card Fraud Scheme Targeting Accountholders and Area Retailers

Smith pleaded guilty on March 10, 2014. According to court documents, from at least as early as September 2010 through at least October 2012, Smith conspired with others to purchase stolen credit card data on the Internet or through other means. This stolen data was then unlawfully loaded onto gift cards or unlawfully encoded onto other credit or debit cards through the use of device-making equipment, such as credit card encoders. The counterfeit credit cards often were embossed with aliases belonging to the members of the conspiracy.