Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

Maryland Audit of Potomac River Fisheries Commission: fishy record-keeping could lead to fraud

There was no breakdown in what the prior “longtime” Executive Secretary of the PRFC was paid or the new salary level of the newly hired Martin L. Gary; and the report didn’t explicitly lay the blame for the loose accounting practices on the former Executive Secretary. The audit response also didn’t detail why the newly hired Executive Secretary didn’t have the skills to use QuickBooks or provide any reason why proper accounting and reconciliation procedures were not being followed. This revelation continues to add credence to the old saying “close enough for Government work”.

Editorial and Endorsement: Paying for Police and Getting Old Time Political Patronage

Now is the time for the voters to consider all that they have learned from presentations in this publication of the candidates’ debate; from other news sources, from the candidate’s websites and particularly from viewing the photo of Captain Wide-load blocking whatever Sheriff Coffey was doing. What was Sheriff Coffey doing? We couldn’t see due to the wide-load rear end of Captain Rackey, who could see what the Sheriff was doing, and believed the better part of his ample rear end was just the valor that was called for to protect his boss.

A vote for Troy Berry for Sheriff of Charles County is recommended to our readers and it is high time that the old days of Sheriff’s making political decisions about law enforcement needs to end. It is time to move on to professional police departments.