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Coast Guard rescues 3 stranded on Hog Island, Va.

The Coast Guard rescued a mother, her daughter and the daughter’s friend Sunday after the three were lost and disorientated on Hog Island, located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.
The boyfriend of the mother contacted Coast Guard Sector Hampton Road Command Center watchstanders at approximately 8 p.m. Sunday and requested Coast Guard assistance

Eastern Shore Police Beat – BREAKING BAD AT THE BEACH: fun bunch meet the O. C. cops = free hotel

Resist/interfere With Arrest

Woods, Christian Kurosh (B /M/25) Arrest on chrg of Resist/interfere With Arrest, M (M), at 10 Block/13th St, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer D. F. McBride

Poss Marijuana<10 Grams…

Mundorf, Barron Patrick (W /M/21) Arrest on chrg of Poss Marijuana<10 Grams, M (M), at 112 28th St/Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer A. H. Morgan

Cds: possess-not Marihua…

Kwamir Jamir Mims, (B /M/23) Arrest on chrg of Cds:possess-not Marihuana, M (M), at 38th St/Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer J. R. Hoban


Jeremy Alan Zimmerli, (W /M/31) Arrest on chrg of (driving, Attempting To Drive) Veh. While Under The Influence (M), at 68th St, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer N. P. Kutz
Breaking Bad

Coast Guard medevacs diver offshore from Hatteras Inlet; ‘Under Pressure’ skipper called for help for diver under too much pressure

The Coast Guard medevaced a 52-year-old man from a dive boat approximately 18 miles southeast of Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina, Sunday.
The captain of the dive boat Under Pressure contacted Coast Guard North Carolina Command Center watchstanders via VHF-FM at approximately 3 p.m. and reported a diver was suffering from from signs of decompression sickness.

The Lightship Chesapeake: during WWII, the ship was outfitted with two 20 mm guns

Lightship 116 is one of the last extant lightships in the United has had few modifications during its service. Four generations of lightships were in use in the United States from 1820 to 1983, serving as an essential part of the system of aids to navigation that protected mariners and their ships by marking stations through a combination of light and sound.
Lightship 116 is a well-preserved example from the third generation of lightship design and from the vessel class of Lightship 100, whose most significant advance was the installation of a diesel-electric power plant.

Point Lookout Hotel was once a lovely old lady sitting on the beach at the Chesapeake Bay

I first visited the hotel sometime around 1937-38, and thought She was grand with Her wide double staircase leading to the upstairs from the great oaken-curved desk. The picture of Point Lookout Hotel that was carried in the November issue of The Chesapeake brought back poignant memories that I have really tried to put out of my mind. The last time I visited the Hotel, She reminded me of a skull looking with sightless eyes across the waters of the Bay. I say ‘She,’ because to me She was once a lovely old lady sitting there beside the beach smiling at the sea gulls and fishermen as they passed in their boats.