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Dirtbag Roundup: Matthew Scanlon sentenced to prison for attempting to buy sex with a child

According to the government’s evidence, on July 10, 2013, Scanlon contacted an undercover officer with the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force, who had posted an ad on a social networking site. Over the next few days, Scanlon engaged in e-mail and text message conversations with the undercover officer, whom the defendant believed was the father of an under-aged girl. During this period of time, Scanlon arranged with the undercover officer to meet for the purpose of engaging in sexual acts with the child.

Revenge of the Bureaucrats! DNR will close service centers day prior to holiday weekend!

Did you forget to order your boat stickers yet and were planning to go by a DNR service center to pick them up on Friday so you would be legal for the holiday weekend? The O’Malley Administration, in a clear swipe at the public they are supposed to be serving picked FRIDAY — the day before the Memorial Day weekend, to close the service centers for a SERVICE REDUCTION DAY…. in spite of hiking every damn tax and fee that exists over the past 8 years.

Murder USA: Who iced the cleaning lady? Cop say it was her drug biz partner

Upon arrival, officers found a deceased adult female victim inside of an office inside of the building. An employee, who works in the office building, found the victim. The female had obvious signs of upper body trauma. The office that she was found in was determined to be a gynecologist office. The victim, identified as Christie Lynn Pelland, worked as a cleaner for Spiritual Cleaning.

Two deputies injured during confrontations with dangerous criminals; two different outcomes

This point in the story of Deputy Greb and Deputy George is where the similarities end.
Deputy Greb, now a civilian St. Mary’s Sheriff’s employee, works as a background investigator collecting an annual salary of $31,640, likely less than half of what he would have been making had he not been shot. He also collects his disability retirement.
Deputy George had to use his own leave until it was exhausted, as after working for about a month, he had to admit he was a physical wreck with the intestinal uproar of a chronically ill person, making it impossible to work. He was diagnosed with classic Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.