Daily Archives: April 9, 2014

DUI District firefighter got pole-in-one with SUV; works at protecting Prez chopper landings at White House

According to the crash report, Siegel told police: “A person he knows as Andrew was operating the vehicle at the time of the accident, and fled the scene on foot.”
He added, “Officer, I’m not trying to get a DWI arrest, take me to the firehouse and let me sleep it off, and I’ll come back later and deal with this.”

Fort Washington: man gave ex-wife a blast for her birthday in Murder USA

The suspect drove up to the woman’s car and began to threaten her. Witnesses reported hearing the man arguing with the woman and then saw him shoot her multiple times. The gunman then turned the weapon on himself.

Heroin Hell: Region’s cops add Duo of Dumb to arrest rolls

Ryan Patrick Sullivan was charged with possession of heroin and “suboxone”, while Dana Aaron Hewson, 39, of Lexington Park) was charged with possession of heroin and marijuana

PG cops gun suspect Antoine Petty will be hard to miss

Our detectives would like your help in finding this unique looking suspect. He’s wanted for stealing a gun from an acquaintance in Largo on April 7, 2014