Strickly Oxy Strickland Takes His Pickup with Him to Slammer

Donald Sheldon Strickland

GREAT MILLS — Capt. Daniel Alioto of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department, reports that Vice/Narcotics detectives began an investigation into the allegation that Donald Sheldon Strickland, 34, of Great Mill, was allegedly distributing “Oxycodone” throughout St. Mary’s County.
Detectives say they began to make undercover purchases of “Oxycodone” from Strickland. He was indicted and charged. Detectives seized a 2003 Chevrolet pickup truck which was utilized during Suspect Strickland’s drug dealing activities.

Cops Say Swann Came South with Oxy; Caught After A Year on the Lam

Hezekiah Swann

LEONARDTOWN — Police report that Hezekiah Eric Swann, 54, of Baltimore, Md., was indicted by detectives as a result of a prescription drug investigation. Police say Swann was indicted for “Possession of Oxycodone with the Intent to Distribute”. The case began in December of 2011 and was completed and charged in April of 2012. Suspect Swann had avoided apprehension until this week when he was taken into custody by Baltimore County Police. He was originally held without bond.

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